Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accountability Report

Okay, so here it is, just as promised: my very first acocuntability report.  Wow, this has been an exciting week.  I've been learning and reading so much about creating a blog that my head feels as though it's been stretched to its limit.  So here's a summary of what I did this week:

What I've done:

Purchased domain name and set up blog
Set up GetClicky account
Created MailChimp account
Wet up Twitter account
Searched through a gazillion blog templates
Began working on the business plan provided on the Think Traffic website
Created a mindmap to plan my blog categories and posts
Purchased a calendar

and most importantly...

Planted my butt in a chair and wrote a draft of my first article!

What I have learned:

Almost too much to list here, lol.  Seriously, I've been doing so much reading my eyes are about to fall out of my head.  I have learned a lot about what goes into creating and marketing a blog.  There is just so much information our there!

What I Plan to Do:

In the next week, I will be working on an editorial schedule and working to write at least one other article.  I am also going to work on the overall design of the site.

Stay tuned!

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