Sunday, November 6, 2011

Accountability Report

Okay folks, so I'm back with another accountability report, and I'm quite proud of the work I've accomplished this week.  Here's what happened:

What I've Done:

Set up a Facebook account and actually posted a message to Twitter.
Made a list of about ten other blogs in my niche.
Wrote another article and began outlining my launch posts.
Worked out some more of my business plan and how I plan to generate revenue from my site.

What I've learned:

The most important thing I've learned this week is that blogging takes some serious dedication.  If I plan to be successful at this, I really need to buckle down and commit to some sort of posting schedule.  I've also learned about what goes into the launch of the blog, and what I should have prepared for the launch date.

What I plan to do:

Start connecting with other bloggers and figuring out where my audience hangs out.  This has to be a priority for me over the next few weeks, particularly since I tend to be a little introverted and have no idea how to just jump in and start networking in the blogging world.  This should be an interesting experience, to say the least!

I really am learning and growing every day throughout this project.  I think it'll be fun to look back at this accountability blog in a year and (hopefully) be pleased at how far I've come.

More updates coming soon!

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